Why Heather for our Big Day?

You know that person that, whether they are a family member or friend, always seems to go that extra mile to ensure that each and every person is comfortable and happy? No matter what, that person exceeds your expectations. Heather is that person.

When Josh and I got engaged, we knew that there was someone out there that would treat our big day with as much importance as we did. Little did we know that we would find that person singing and lifting people’s spirits in the streets of Ironton, Ohio on our way to dinner!

At this time we had only decided to have Heather shoot our engagement pictures. On the day of the session, the sky was not looking too promising. Storm clouds were rolling in and it had started to rain a bit. So, I called Heather personally and she made me feel so at ease about it that we continued on to the shoot. Our session went so smooth you would have thought that we were just a couple of close friends hanging out and having a blast! To top the evening off, not only were we blessed with a beautiful sunset, we had a heartwarming send off from a gorgeous rainbow.

Needless to say, this sealed that deal for us. Heather was definitely the person to capture our big day. The following week we met for our wedding consultation. She explained everything in the contract, went through her process and goals and listened to our goals for the wedding day, and concluded with breakfast, coffee and OUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!!

Heather keeps in touch with you through the whole schedule. She informs you when she will arrive and makes sure that the bride and groom are comfortable and ready when she she does. This is when she truly shows that she isn't just your photographer. She is the person that lets the wedding party know if the ceremony will start on time because of late arrivals. When the in-laws are getting restless, Heather is the one that tells them how beautiful the bride is to soothe the beast. She's the missing link to ensuring that all of those precious moments, when the groom looks at the bride like the in-laws look at the cake, get captured forever.

When the honeymoon is over and you're home taking in the time the you both have together, she is available to update you on how your gallery is coming along and when to expect all of the goodies that come with it.

Friend. Comforter. Artist. Historian. Peacekeeper. Family.Heather is not just your photographer.

-Sami Young