Want to go on an adventure? Let's celebrate you! 

Your outfits should scream your name, your locations should be all about you, and you can include anything that you are involved in or just plain love

Bring up to 4 outfits, choose weather you want a particular location included or if you say "I trust you, let's go!" 

You will never be captured where another senior has been, even after 8 years, I can still find you something unique, that hasn't been shot before.. these are YOUR epic shots

but most of all....

I want you to have so...much...fun




Session fee  - $175

*See general pricing for more package and product options  




Hair and Makeup Available - $85


Add All Seasons

after your first session - $100/session limit 2 outfits/season


Ultimate Senior Package

16x20 Standout or canvas

8 sheets

Custom photo box holds 50 4x6’s

96 wallets in custom wallet box

8.5x11 Canvas 20 page album

25 Custom graduation invitations

2 mini books



Wallet Packages

24 - $75

48 - $150

96 - $240


 Custom Graduation Invitations

Cards 5x7 front sided - $42/25

5x7 front and back - $50/25

5x7 folded - $55/25